Are you defensive?

When someone says the things you don’t want to listen, how do you respond to that?


Guess that I’m an automat defensive person, wakakakak :p

Ditambah kesensian gua akan tones, nahh, makin lengkaplah kadar defensif gua :p

It’s only when someone else is being defensive to me, I finally can see myself through the other’s eyes..

One thing I finally realize is that when I’m being defensive, I might certainly miss the sense of truth in the message the others are saying!

At some point I do think we need to put aside the emotions to be able to absorb the informations clearly without any distractions.

Ini ngga sama dengan being an emotionless person lho ya!

Biar gimana kita harus tetap bisa merasa, karena kita bukan robot.

But at the same time, don’t get too carried away by your emotions for s’one might take advantages by playing with your emotions.