All these times I’ve remained in silent mode, but that didn’t mean that I agreed with everything you said.

I didn’t say a thing cause I knew you wouldn’t listen and I’m tired of having neverending arguments with you.

You, with your explosive temper, always make those around stay cautious in alert mode all time and somehow no matter what button we push, everything will always be considered as false actions, according to you.

Someone said that I shouldn’t bother too much on whatever things you said or did and I managed not to for some time.

But it’s harder when you put the wounds on the people I love and you want me to still keep my mouth shut?

Please come to your senses before it’s too late cause you can’t turn back time and once the words are out, you can’t take it back..

For the record, I don’t hate you.. But I soo hate the things you say or do and the way you keep on nagging!

Why are you so afraid of showing the good side in you?

That doesn’t make you weak and vulnarable, but for sure that will make people easier to show their affections on you.

Sometimes I want to give you up completely but deep deep down in my heart I don’t think that’s what I want.

I believe God has His own reasons in making our paths crossed, I still need more time to figure out what His purpose for me.

Meanwhile, let’s just try not to get into each other’s nerves, otree? :p