I lovee children books, I do!

Have I mentioned how much I loved them?

Ahh, yes, I have, right at the beginning of the note, eh? :p

Why do I like children books?

I guess because they let our imaginations run free. They sometimes take us to a whole new world, a place where anything is possible, a magical world where the good will always win from the bad, no matter how rough the road one has to take before reaching the end of the journey.

The characters of the children books remind us of the beauty of wonders and miracles, things that we oftentimes forget as we grow older.

When we see the world from their eyes, we might as well see there are so many excitements and marvellous things arounds us.

Any simple things that we take for granted might put a smile on their faces.

They put things into the right perspectives again, to place our values on the important things in life.

They teach us that the greatest things in life are free : the warm of the sun, the clear blue sky, the soft breeze of the wind, the cottoncandy-like clouds, the chill of the rain, the sweet smells of the flowers, the beating of the heart, the twinkling stars, the shining moon and so many other things to enjoy anytime, anywhere.

With all those, how come I’m not fall in love? ๐Ÿ˜‰

No matter how old we are, we need to keep the inner child alive, just make sure we keep the happy one inside :p