Couple of days ago, I clicked the external link my friend, Elizabeth, posted here on facebook.

That link led me to a blog belonged to the brother of American Idol’s top three finalist this year.

Since I’m not watching American Idol this season, I’m not familiar with the name but if I’m not mistaken, the finalist, Adam Lambert (?) is Ria’s favourite.

Anyway, Neil’s blog (btw, he’s Adam’s brother :p) is fully-loaded with hundreds comments and it’s interesting to read all the comments one by one.

It kinda reminds me of the old sayings :

Your hair might be as black as the others but what’s inside one’s mind might totally be very opposite!

There’s one (long) comment that gets my attention more than the others, a comment that makes me reflects and wonders.

She analyzed Neil from his posting(s) and jumped into conclusions about what he might be feeling while typing and the emotions that, according to the commenter, needed to be sorted out.

This part of her comment made me wonder..

Whether I realize it or not, guess my mind is automatically collecting a little piece by piece information everytime I read someone’s blog regularly and suddenly one day a solid image is formed about the author of the posts.

Sometimes when you follow a blog and read each posted entry, in time you get to see what’s the blogger values the most, the hidden emotions behind the words and many little unnecessary things that reveal the author’s true personality.

Of course this can only be applied if what’s written really comes from the heart and the mind.

I guess that’s why I love reading long post(s) coz it’s harder to fake it all for you might transfer your very own piece of mind unintendedly :p