I know.. I know.. We’re all different from one another.

I keep that in mind most of the times but still at times I wish I could adapt some of my friends’ way of thinking or feeling coz their ways seem more appropriate in my so-called-situation(s).

I have a friend who (almost) always absorbs all her emotions by heart.

She lets herself feel all the joys and the pains to the max.

Must be pretty hurts, eh, when it comes to pain, but the happiness must be overwhelmed as well.

I sometimes wish I could be like her, to put down (all) my guards and just let all the emotions overflow into me.

But.. I just can’t *sigh*

I guess all the things in my life have shaped me into a balancer.

It’s like walking on the ground, everytime a happy occasion appears and make me take few steps off the ground, there’s part of me who holds my feet from floating too high.

The same goes when a sad moment occurs and I’m like trapped in quicksand, the same part of me will always grab my hands and keep me from drowning.

And lately, I have just realized the importance of making my own definition on happiness, after all, it’s my own life and I should be the one who knows what can truly make me happy, right? 😉

Geez, looks like it’s going to rain, dark clouds are hanging heavily.

Hmm.. Rain, rain.. I’ll let you take away my sorrows and let my heart be filled with wonders again.

There’s an end for everything
Either happiness or sadness eventually will meet their end of the road
Nothing lasts forever
Just prepare yourself for any beginning
And may you live long enough
To see the (hopefully happy) ending