I love Facebook’s applications! I find so many cute pictures that you can send to your friends, and not to forget the enormous amount of quizes you can take, some with funny results and many many games that you can play.

Well, since I only have limited access on the internet, I have to choose what applications I should put on the top list to play.

I narrow down my choices and here comes my top 2 favourite applications : Farm Town & Growing Gifts.

In Farm Town, you’re playing as a farmer so you have to plow the grounds, plant your seeds and wait until your crops are ready to harvest.

This game is kinda similar to Harvest Moon but lots easier and in Farm Town you can interact with other players.

Love this game but yesterday after harvesting all my crops, I decided to quit playing it for a while until I have a better access, hu3, gonna miss it so much *sigh*

Next is Growing Gifts, love this one!

Come to think of it, I’m not into nature that much but I love beautiful things and Growing Gifts has many beautiful pictures from flowers, arts, places, greetings and more.

So, I’m hooked and I take care random gardens to get more seeds to buy more plants that I like.

And I like sending flowers to random people as I jump from one garden to another.

I know it’s only virtual and can’t replace the real thing but thinking that it’s like spreading the beauty throughout the globe somewhat makes me happy ^o^