Couple of nights ago, in between playing games at Facebook, I chatted with my friend.

He told me that his aunty died in her sleep last weekend.

*the kind of way of dying that I’d like to have*

We then chatted about how life was too short and we never knew when our time in this world was up.

A question suddenly popped in my head : Are you ready to die now?

I don’t think I’m ready now since I still have soo many unfulfilled dreams so I’ll surely die in eternal curiousity if I die now, ahahaha :p

So, please, God, don’t call on me now..

Though I have to admit that sometimes living on Earth can be soo tiring and you will easily get emotionally exhausted when you always meet dead-ends and involved with difficult people constantly..

But, heyy.. On the same Earth, don’t forget all the marvellous things we experience, all the joy and laughters, the sweet bond of family and friends and many other wonderful occassions that bring smile on our faces anytime we recall the memory.

The sun shines the same on us so the choice is yours whether you will just enjoy the brightness of the sky or complain about the heat ^o^

Okay, this is officially unrelated post between its content and the title, ha3 :p

So, are ready to die?