Oohh ohh.. I’m soo happy today! Earlier this morning (Wednesday -> June 3, 2009), after waiting for soo long *lebay* finally I planted the sunflower’s seeds that I bought couple of days ago.

Oh, okay, correction, it wasn’t me who planted them :p

I’m not that much into gardening, to think about the worms and any other insects, yaiks, no thanks, I’d rather see from afar, ha3 :p

Funnily though, I always imagine myself in my golden days have a garden that I take care by my own and in that garden I have many beautiful flowers and grow my own vegetables.

Back to sunflowers, I’ve been wanting to have them for a while but couldn’t find ’em anywhere for sale.

Why do I want them so badly?

Well, recently I’ve just realized the mighty meaning of sunflowers’ nature.

I’ve heard about it long time ago, but at that time words were just words with no special and personal meaning for me.

Until one day, unexpectedly, those words came again into my mind and this time they sank into my heart.

Some says that those yellow flowers are called sunflowers because they always look at the sun’s direction, anywhere the sun goes they will obediently follow without any complaints.

And those same words, which were meaningless to me years ago, suddenly just strucked me.

Isn’t this supposed to be the kind of relationship that we have with God?

God as the sun, and we, humans as the sunflowers.