Last night in between playing games (again :p), I read one of my contacts’ newly updated status.

She said that she was thinking of closing down her Friendship Network’s account since this thing had took too much of her time.

Last time I checked there was only one respond : Don’t you dare!

Ahahaha.. what a response :p

Anywayy.. that’s not what I’m going to talk about, though it’s related πŸ˜€

How good is your self-control?



Gotta say that I’m soo poor!! Hiks hiks huaa..

I always give in into tempation other just hold myself together *sigh*

So the best way for me is to stay so very far away from the things that very much likely will sink me in to the temptations, ahahaha πŸ˜›

Well.. it’s no fun.

I know that I need to learn to control myself, I can’t let the outer condition to always be the one in control.

Ah yes, btw, I had the same kind of problems with the one I mentioned above, ahahaha, sometimes I felt like I spent too much time playing many applications πŸ˜›

Btw, I guess I know why these things fascinate me so much *but I’d rather keep the reasons for myself, though*