Earlier today I notice something which brought back the memories of the same thing that I saw on Oprah Show, maybe a year ago or so.

Seal and Heidi Klum were on the interview with Oprah.

And during that one hour show, I noticed that for couple of times, Heidi kept looking at Seal with her admiring eyes, she seemed just couldn’t take her eyes off him whileas Seal always looked anywhere else but at Heidi’s.

This got me thinking..

You know, oftentimes you might hear many people say that the eyes are the window of the soul.

You can fake a smile and though you can also fake the way you look at things, I think it’s harder to fake the sparkle in your eyes.

You might not be the expressive kind of people who can show your feelings toward people by hugging, kissing or saying your loving words or even by simple little things that tell them that you care for them, but I guess when you’re in love with that person, it shows in your eyes, even when you’re not intend to do so.

I’m not saying that Seal doesn’t love Heidi, some people just have that unreadable expressions on their faces, ahahaha..

And considering the hard background he had to go through, he might have difficulties in showing his emotions. But I guess he’s man of actions, not words.

But one of the thing that Seal said that impressed me so much was when he said :

Happy wife, happy family!

Soo.. if your family ain’t in happy state, then it might be because the wife isn’t happy πŸ˜›

That simple yet complicated words that he said made me wonder and maybe he’s right.

Women are well-known for being emotional and maybe it’s because of their unstable hormones when they’re having their periods, though pssttt.. how many times are they really having this period per month, eh? Seems to me some women are always in pms mode, wakakakakak πŸ˜›

If the wife’s happy then she surely be in a good mood to make sure that her husband is also happy and their children are happy, too!

But when the wife’s not happy, she will become a cranky person who nags all the times, finding faults in every little things that others do and will blow up in fume of anger for even a small mistake.


I’d rather stay away from that unhappy wife πŸ˜›

Haiyaa.. I guess this is another unrelated post of mine, ahahaha..

Okee dokee.. I’m gonna have my beauty sleep now, or probably watching a movie first ^o^

Happy Sunday night πŸ™‚