.. to teach us things!

Last Saturday night, I talked with my friend on the phone about classical matter, marriage and the worriness of not getting married ^o^

During that chat, I realized a similarity between me and my friend, oftentimes we get easily annoyed over small (useless) things, hi3 :p

And somehow I always know this can cause troubles in my marriage so I have to deal with this now or else I will end up with someone who knows how to push my wrong buttons.

Yaikss.. How miserable that would be!

Because life indeed has a funny way to make us learn.

When you’re an impatient person, there’s a fat chance that you’ll meet same kind of people over and over again that are really driving you nuts with their slowness and put your thin-patience at the very edge of the cliff and just a step away from letting the volcano inside erupts.

Funnily is, once you have become more patience, they are suddenly gone, ahahaha :p

Not literally gone as if the grounds beneath their feet just swallow them, hahaha, but whatever they are doing just don’t bother you anymore.

And you might even be surprised that once you have passed the layer that usually annoys you, the next layer turn out to be totally cool!

Sometimes we do get what we want but oftentimes we miss realizing its worth because the form of the package in our hand isn’t the same as what we expect it to be.

Take this one as an example..