How many times when you’re feeling down because of certain issues in your life, people might suggest you to not always look up but look down at the less fortunate ones and be grateful for what you have?

Couple of nights ago I read my friend’s blog and one of the commenter there gave a refreshing point of views, the thing that often just slipped of our brain.

He (or she) said that instead of looking up or down, we should look inside ourselves.

I forget the exact words of what he (or she) said but more or less he (or she) thought that we should not compare ourselves with the others.

I agree! At certain length, competition is good, your rival can push you to your limit and bring out the best in you. But if you’re not careful, you can be so caught up in chasing your rival that you neglect those around you.

And then comes the classical question : When is enough is enough?! -t.b.c- *sleepyhead*