It’s always better to focus on one thing first and get it done before move on to another thing.

Multitasking just won’t give you a maximum result. Sure you do more things at a time but you only have them half-done.

Make priority of what you want to be done first and just focus on it until finish and afterwards please move along with the next one on the waiting list.

I’m always having problems in focusing. Anytime I set my mind on doing something, any other things (other than what I’m doing) suddenly seem more fun to do and most likely I’d given in to the sweet (poisonous) temptations that pull me further away from my so-called destination, hiks hiks huaa..

And at the end of the day, if you’re honest with yourself, you realize that you have no one to blame but yourself!

You may find tons of excuse to justify your current condition, bad news is they won’t get you anywhere near your destination! No matter how good your excuses are, they might only lead you to self-pitying and blaming other people but yourself :p

Do I sound too harsh on you, Indah?

Well, you need reality check once in a while!

Who else but me would say such words! Others might pamper you of soothing words that your better day(s) will eventually come one day.

Sorry to say, Indah, it’s not gonna happen, not unless you do something about it on the right direction. And you need to do it now!

Geez, how sometimes I wish I were real so I could spank you anytime I felt you were wasting our time on Earth!

But since I only live inside your head, do me a favour, will you? Please do what I can’t do in your world.

We’re a team and we’re on this together so we should help each other to make it work, promise?

*imaginary shake hands*