Someone once said to me that I was a self-destructive kind of person.

*kayanya gua pernah nulis dhe tapi lupa udah ke-publish apa belon* :p


Most of time when I disliked something or someone, I ended up hurting myself.

Btw, I try to avoid using the word ‘hate’ coz the more I use it the more I feel like giving a ‘soul’ to the hatred – but been thinking it’s like ‘Voldemort’ in Harry Potter world.. Maybe I should start using it so that in time ‘hate’ would be just a word like any other words.

Back to the topic..

Hmm.. Actually I’m a defensive kind of person, I’m sensitive with tones, if you said something in a hard demanding and accusing kind of tones, my mind would automatically block hearing the words you said coz I was more focused on the tones, yaikss..

That same person I mentioned at the beginning of the post also said that I should have focused on the content of the message itself NOT on the way the message had been delivered!

It took me a loong loooong time to reflect, analyze and put my emotion aside so I could see myself from different angle and again (as always) I had to admit that person was right.

How many times do we take things personally when someone says or does things that offend us?

I used to get hurt easily but overtime I finally realized I had to guard my heart and I needed to find out why the things they said and did offended me so much, instead of kept wondering why they did those things to me.