I guess many of you are familiar with the old sayings :

The grass is always greener on the other side..


Is it?!

I always think when you feel like your neighbours’ grass always greener than yours, then you should start planting flowers!

Let them have that greener side, but you can always enjoy your colourful garden with the sweet smells of the flowers, ahahaha ^o^

And I think it’s only normal if we keep on checking others’ gardens once in a while, after all, we get eyes to see :p

But I think in time we’ll come to realize that..

No matter how beautiful others’ gardens are..

Ours is the one for us to be grateful for.

Because when we’re at our neighbours’ gardens, all we can do is just see their beautiful gardens, for they might scold on you when you step your feet on their perfectly-cut grass.

And if they got any flowers in their gardens, you could only look at them from afar for your neighbours wouldn’t let you come closer in fear you might pick ’em up when they were looking at another directions.


After admiring their oh-so-beautiful gardens for a while..

You’ll get bored cause there’s nothing you can do there.

And you come to realize that your garden can also look beautiful if only you take time to take care of it.

So you start plowing the grounds, planting the flowers’ seeds and watering them everyday.

Soon you’ll see the flowers are blooming and you can admire them from close, touch them all you like and smell the sweet scents.

And when it rains, you’re free to step on the grass and feel the wet ground without having anyone else that tell you not to.

It’s funny how they use “grass”, there was a flash thought about this while I was typing for our ORI-MWS’ post in Multiply.

And from my own understanding, maybe because grass will always look greener and better when you see it from afar.

But when you look at it closer.

It isn’t that green. And it’s not bugs-free either.

The term “grass” itself can refer to life in general.

How sometimes we might ‘envy’ others’ lifes which seem better and happier than us.

Oftentimes we only see what our eyes want to see.


We only look at their good sides and compare them to our bad sides.

Oh, please, that’s not fair, ahahaha :p

If you keep on looking that way, you might never be happy with yourself and your life.

Everyone has their own problems.

Even when we try to put our feet on their shoes, we might never truly feel how it’s like to be them, because we’re not thinking the way they think and we’re not feeling the way they feel.

We don’t see the world the way they see it.

We’re just different and the sooner we can accept that fact, the better.

We all have our own paths in life, we might cross each other’s path once in a while but in the end we should stick to our own path to fulfill our mission in life to get to our destination.

Eheemm.. I feel like I’m talking non sense here, ahahaha :p

I’m going to bed now.

I see ya again when I see you, bye for now 🙂