He can’t be bribed!”

“Oh, really? Look here, everyone has his own prices. It’s not that you can’t bribe him but your offers are TOO LOW! Of course he won’t take it!”

We were all laughing at that time after hearing my friend’s so-called-theory.

After the laughters died out, I soon forgot our little chat that took place around 8 years ago, in 2001, while we were waiting to counsel our final assignments.

But somehow I kept the things he said at the back of my mind and at times I kept hearing those words over and over again as if they forced me to think more over about it to find out the truth in it.

And I guess he’s right since we all have own weaknesses.

Some fall for money, others might fall for women, men, fame, power, sex and so many other things, just name it.

We might even sacrifice ourselves, souls, family, dignity, reputation, faith & beliefs, marriage, career, etc, when the offers are too good to be passed on.

Only the ones with strong characters can come out alive without losing anything.

So, if you haven’t gotten what you want by now, be grateful for it might prevent you from future damage.

Meanwhile, take time to reflect and start building a better character, a character that enables you to stand still after the storm has gone instead of being swept away by it 😉

*feels like this is a self-comforting mission since I haven’t gotten what I wanted, wakakakak :p*