I once heard an Indonesian female novelist said that she wrote all the time and not depended on her moods.

Wooww.. For such a moody person like me, I very much like to be like her coz I oftentimes depend on my mood (too much), don’t feel like doing anything when I’m not in the mood to.

This habit of course causes troubles in long-term coz it makes me arriving at my goal’s destination wayy too late from schedule, if I ever finally make it :p

Let’s put aside the hands of fate and luck factor for a while coz some people might indeed have things the fast and easy way without put too much efforts in getting what they want.

But a very large number of successful people don’t depend on destiny and luck, sure they might have some along the way, but let’s not forget their hard works!

That so many hours they spent to get their projects done, many sleepless nights, weekends that passed by without having fun with friends, and so many temporary pleasures they had to let go because they needed to focus on what they were doing. -t.b.c-