Isn’t it funny how oftentimes we easily say we’d die if we couldn’t have something in our life or when we lose someone that means the world to us.

But apparantly, loong after they’re gone, we’re still here. They might have taken some part of us away when they left us but the rest still remained. We’re still breathing the air and that’s a good sign to grab the chance to feel alive again.

I guess sometimes we just don’t realize that we’re stronger than we ever thought we could be.

All through the ups and downs of life, when we feel the world around us is collapsing down to the ground, they can never really bring you down just as long as you keep holding on to the faith that in time you’ll be able to stand strong again.

Maybe now you’re being pushed to bend down on your knees and your heart has been shattered into millions broken pieces that left you felt so very hopeless with your life..

They can crush your outer all they like but they can never truly reach the inside for what’s inside will forever be yours.

The sun will always rise again no matter how hard the rains have been pouring down in the last few days coz that’s the way how life goes and that’s the way it will always be.