.. if only we could see ourselves the way others do..

I do think we have failed in listening when someone shared his or her stories with us and we responded :

Gee, really, what have you got to complain about? You’ve got everything anyone could only have dreamed of!

Or maybe like this :

Ahh, you shouldn’t have felt that way about yourself! You’re a wonderful person in everyway!

Problem is..

We don’t see ourselves the way they see us.

And no matter how many single times we try to be in their shoes, the shoes just won’t perfectly fit on our feet for us to totally understand what it feels like to be them.

Coz we don’t know exactly what’s playing on their minds constantly, what kind of battle of heart and mind they have to struggle daily.

Yes, we only see what our eyes want to see and usually we only capture the ‘high’ pleasant parts and leave behind the ‘down’ unpleasant ones while in fact, they are one inseparable package.