July 2009

Firstlyy.. thanks to Ria for the below link, ahahaha ^o^



An alter ego (Latin, “the other I”) is a second self, a second personality or persona within a person. It was coined in the early nineteenth century when schizophrenia was first described by early psychologists.[1] A person with an alter ego is said to lead a double life.

The term alter ego is commonly used in literature analysis and comparison to describe characters who are psychologically identical, or sometimes to describe a character as an alter ego of the author, a fictional character whose behavior, speech or thoughts intentionally represent those of the

Alternatively, this can refer a similar situation when a role or persona is taken on by an actor.[2]

The characters Doctor Jekyll and Mister Hyde in Robert Louis Stevenson’s thriller Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde represent an exploration of the concept that good and evil exist within one person, constantly at war.

Edward Hyde literally represents the doctor’s other self, a psychopathic being unrestrained by the conventions of civilized society, who shares a body with the doctor.

This can also refer to the way a person may act differently in different situations.


Okayy.. secondlyy.. I’d like to remind you again that I’m not the type of person who likes to gather information from reliable sources to support my writing soo..

There’s always a chance what I write here is totally wrong, ahahaha..

But that’s okayy.. I like making conclusion, even it’s the wrong one :p

Let’s start this alter ego thing, yihaa ^o^



Oh myy.. consistency is really NOT my thing.

I’ve joined NaBloPoMo in hope that I finally be able to learn about consistency in daily writing, but I failed.. again!

I don’t know..

I guess when the “fun” part of writing freely has turned into some kind of “obligation”, suddenly I lost all the enthusiasm and just couldn’t figure out what I wanted to write in my blog there, ahahaha :p

Although.. come to think of it, I still write (almost) daily anyway, here in FB’s notes, ohh okayy okayy.. most of ’em are on “-t.b.c-” mode, ahahaha.. but still.. at least I write something anywayy ^o^

Oohh, geezz.. why is it that I can’t be consistent at least for once?!

I even break my own rules, ahahaha.. I don’t know, for me rules are like imprisoned me, I don’t like it.

I guess this might be because I’m moody and my moodiness sometimes makes me can’t stand to stick on one thing only for too long, especially when there are lots of rules to follow, aiihh.. so much for boundaries!



What’s your favourite colour?

Mine is PINK, yeaaahh ^o^

How can I not love this gorgeous soft colour?

And pink represents everything that I’m not (at least I don’t feel like one :p) : sweet, girly and adorable 😀

I guess my subconscious mind holds this kind of hope that by liking this colour, I’d become like my own perception of this colour, wakakakak :p

But somehow pink just never fits in me perfectly 🙂

And recently I’ve just realized other colour that’s more suitable to my personality, a colour I always like but never paid too much attention to, partly because this colour is somehow assosiated with widow, don’t know whether this also applies in other countries as well or just in my country, haha :p

Yupp.. It’s purple ^o^

Purple is the combination of red and blue.

While pink usually refers to girly as blue to boyish, purple stands in between and it strucks me because I always love something in between!

I maybe dreamy but I always keep my feet on the ground, I may let my body get drown but I always keep my head above water.

I’m not an extremist and I might never be one for I love balance.

Sure once in a while I step to the left and I step to the right but never too far in the left or too far in the right for I love being in the middle where I can still hear both sides.

*hohoho, this colour’s interpretation is getting more interesting, yihaa*


Have you ever met someone with crispy unfunny jokes? :p

My reaction usually depends on my mood, ahahahaha..

When my mood is high and nothing seems to be bothered me, I can laugh about it, not because suddenly it becomes funny :p

But more because somehow I know, the other person is just trying to make a conversation, the only problem is we have different definition of funny :p

Nice try though and we must give some credits on the efforts, ahahaha 😀

On the other hand, when my mood is down and low, oh pleasee.. Can’t handle your jokes since it’s getting personal!

And there no space’s left in head to think about your probably good intentions, ahahaha :p

Isn’t it interesting how the same crispy unfunny jokes can cause two totally different reactions? ^o^

So, the conclusion is : blame the mood!

Wakakakak :p

*it’s always fun to jump into conclusion without too much thinking*


My brother always says that I’ve spent too much time thinking of unnecessary things, hahaha :p

But what can I say?

I love wondering about things, anything and nothing in particular.

And sometimes the questions just popped in my head that made me searching various kind of answers and sometimes I think I’m quite satisfied with the searching process itself and not too thrilled in finding the ‘exact’ answer(s) to my question(s) ^o^

Back to the title of this post..

If you could find out when is your time to die, would you like to know about it?

As always there are bright and dark side about anything, like the moon & the sun, day & night, etc.

The bright side of knowing is we can (finally) manage to use our time wisely cause you know, when we feel like our time on Earth is limitless, most likely we will carelessly waste it, until it’s too late and we can’t turn it back.

The dark side of this knowing is..


Belakangan ini gua lagi demen gambar2 lagii ^o^

Yaa.. sepertinya emang musti belajar mulai menerima kalo gua itu emang bukan tipe orang yang bisa stick to one thing for a loong timee, ahahahaha :p

Maklum.. moodyy ‘boo..

Soo.. I have to find many ways to entertain myself biar ngga tenggelam dalam kebosanan 😀

Salah satunya yaa dengan ngegambar 🙂

And gua juga udah nyerah dhee mencoba mengklasifikasikan gambar gua sebagai apa, haha, karena tetepp.. gua ngerasa ngga bisa gambar, karena yang udah terpatri di otak gua tentang yang namanya “gambar” itu beda ama apa yang gua gambar :p

Let’s just call it.. decorative letters karena sebenernya yaa itu yang gua lakukan.. menghiasi huruf2, hehe 😀

Duluu.. gua suka pake bolpen gel merk Joyko buat gambar, enaakk.. mantapss.. ampe akhirnya bete sendiri karena belakangan itu tintanya suka tersendat2 jadi ngga bisa rata dhe di kertas belon lagi berhubung ujungnya rada2 lancip, jadilah kalo ditekan dengan penuh semangat bisa bikin kertas jadi rada2 terkelupas.

And beberapa waktu laluu..

Sebuah bolpen tak bertuan nyasar di tempat gua, kali ini merk Standard, bolpen biasa bukan gel, sejenis ama bolpen Pilot jaman dulu yang model batangan bertutup itu, ada yang masih inget?

Pertama nyoba nih bolpen, waahh.. mantaps bener dhe hasil tulisannya coz tebal githuu.. pake teruss.. udah kelar baru nyadar kalo nih bolpen ternyata tintanya bocoorr, hiks hiks huaa.. jadi belepetan dhe tangan gua *sigh*

Terus terlupakanlah soal nih bolpen sampai saat mood ngegambar gua lagi balik, hehe 😀


Kalo gua perhatiin yaa, rata-rata orang yang doyan cabe yang gua kenal itu punya kesamaan sifat sebagai berikut :

– ceplas ceplos
– gampang naik darah
– omongannya suka pedas dan menggigit
– cerewet
– etc

Kok sifat mereka jadi mirip cabe rawit yaa? Hahaha :p

Jadi mikir..

Apakah :

a). Sifat mereka seperti itu makanya mereka doyan cabe?


b). Karena mereka doyan makan cabe maka mereka menjadi seperti itu?

*wondering ngga penting sambil nunggu jam pulang supaya bisa nge-game lagi, yeahh :p*



Nb. Ada satu lagi dinkss yang tadi kelupaan gua sebut, padahal ini PENTING bangetss..

Gua perhatiin jugaa.. yang pada doyan makan cabe ituu.. JARANG SAKIT GIGI!!

Huhuhuhu.. apa ini artinya gua harus mulai makan cabe dari sekarang?! :p

Apa biji cabe bisa menguatkan gigi yaa? *hmm*

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