It’s quite funny when you’ve just realized how quite similar you are with the person you’ve known all these times but you haven’t got any idea how you two might hold the same idealism in life.

I’ve known this one person for more than 20 years, let’s call her Satine.

20 years is a loooong period of time, right? You should’ve known that person inside out, haha..

But not to me.

I said I’ve known her for more than 20 years, not befriended with her, ahahaha :p

Anywayy.. we only met once in a while and never got into any “deep” conversations.

The 1st similarity is when I asked her to take the personality quiz out of fun and she got the same result as me, INFP.

And we talked quite about many things that dayy.. and heyy.. we did understand each other quite good enough for a starter.

But not until recently I finally realized how very similar she is to me.

There were 3 of us going to a funeral, well.. sort of.


The 3rd person said something related to other religion, bla bla blaa..

And Satine responded to her.

And at that time, I was about to laugh if I didn’t remember where I was and the sensitivy of the 3rd person made me swallowed my laughs.

Oh man oh maaann.. ooohh maaann..

We’re dealing the same kind of people and the way she responded to that 3rd person was similar to me, wakakakakak :p


I always think when it comes to faith and religions, we shouldn’t interfere one another.

Cause it all comes down to whatever we think is right.

And basicallyy.. it’s the same things with all areas in our lifes.

I don’t mind different opinions cause they make me see from different perspectives and sometimes I might have known something I’ve always missed all these times through my perspective.

But what I don’t like is when people start pushing me to imply their perspectives on me.

Heyy.. what might be right for you, might not be right for me.

What might me comfortable for you, might not be suitable for me.

Pleasee.. just move along with what you believe it and let me be with mine :p

Geezz.. reallyy..

Why should we all think alike?!

Imagine how very boring this world be if all things are the same!

Aayyy.. even with all the differences, I still feel bored, ahaahaha :p


My point is..

Respect each other.

Because whether we realize it or not.

We do think that we believe in is the right one!

And that’s okay and you should keep it that way, otherwise why would you believe in the wrong thing, right?

But we all have our own value systems.

It’s not about right or wrong.

I may say that you’re wrong but you’re probably also think I’m the wrong one here, right?

Whoopss.. almost 3 am, should go to bed now.