I mean Google-ing, ahahaha, and use that ‘disappointments’ and ‘failures’ as the keywords and click ‘search’.

That’s what I did yesterday as a way to dealing with my own disappointments and failures, ahahaha, I was actually looking for any fellow companions with whom I could weep together cause we’ve been on the same rocky and bumpy roads so we might understand each other completely, ahahaha *lebayy mode is on* :p

Honestly, at times like this, optimistism just won’t do for me so I just let myself self-pitying as if I was the most unfortunate person in the world.. oh why ohh why the whole universe were against me?! *crying my heart out*

And then I got bored, ahahaha :p

Oh, please, Indah, STOP BEING A DRAMA QUEEN!! A single small failure like this won’t kill you!

And that Google results apparantly I stumbled upon and was drawn into a site with such encouraging words, so instead of finding an equally depressed companion, I felt strengthen after reading the post, yeaahh ^o^

Isn’t it amazing what you can find with Google?