Long loong time ago, a friend of mine once said, “Oh, you’re funny, Dah!” and my automat reaction was, “Gee, I’m no clown!”

Apa hubungannyaa?! Ahaha, meneketehee! *sebenernya gua sebel ma nih kata tapi nyangkut ‘bo :p*

Maybe because for most people, clowns are funny though personally I think they are kinda creepy with that artificial smiles painted on their faces.

I’d like to be able to see people’s genuine expressions, unlike those clowns who are hiding behind their ‘masks’.

Ahahaha.. I forgot to continue this post :p

Okayy.. I’ll continue this one so the “story” will relate to the title, hihihihi ^o^

Back to the clown thing.

I had no idea why would I relate “funny” with “clown”, until recently when I was talking to my Mom and I said how funny she was, the responded, “Aahh.. Mami’s not funny because Mami’s not a clown”, wakakakakak..

And few days after that in the dining room, I told my sister that she’s funny, and guess what?!

She responded with the same, “I ain’t no clown!”.

Geezz.. the three of us never heard each other saying those words before, ahahaha, but how come we responded the same way?

So I guess.. it really runs in our blood, ehh? ^o^

Nb. Riaa.. now you can see the connection of the content and the title, right? Ahahahaha :p