Your Cards Are …

Card Description

Context – This card reflects the general over view of your present situation.

Focus – This card reflects a new set of circumstances that are about to or just have presented themselves to you. This is your central issue at this time.

Outcome – This card reflects the outcome of the Focus Card. The results of your problems solving/decision making.

Context – The Emperor

The Emperor represents authority and responsibility, especially as we strive towards our goals. You need to take charge of yourself and exercise some self-control as you look forward. Haphazard behavior will not help you achieve anything and will ultimately hinder your efforts. A little discipline can go a long way, and help you keep your actions in tune with your personal ethics. You can face any challenge as long as you stay true to yourself, and stay away from exploiting those around you.

Focus – The Devil

The Devil is not evil, but he does stand for all the temptations of the material world around us. We can so easily be chained by our own desires, obsessions and inner fears that we lose sight of what we need to do in life. It is only a temporary bondage once we see it for what it is. You have to break those chains and let go of the base instincts that have kept you trapped. Humility and self-acceptance are needed at this point in your life.
Outcome – The Hanged Man

The Hanged Man represents the need to have patience with your life, and accept things for what they are. But unlike the quiet of the Hermit, the Hanged Man requires that you let yourself become open and vulnerable at the same time. Sacrifice is needed in order to resolve your immediate conflicts. You have to let go of old behavior in order to move forward to something new. Once you give up a little something of yourself, you’ll find that things can then improve on their own.


I wanna focus on the two last cards, The Devil and The Hanged Man.

Funny thing was, right before I was taking this applications, I was doing a Living Thing Application about 5 Things I Want To Learn, which I chose : patience, have peace with myself, self acceptance, to consistently trust & obey God, and last one is shut up.

Funny thing is..

2 of the things I wanted to learn is also in the result : self acceptance and patience, ahahahaha :p

I guess that I really needed to learn those two things right away ^o^