Earlier tonight, I went out with Michelle, on our way to the mall (oh, where else can we go in Jakarta? :p), a question popped in my head after hearing her story about her private student.

For you, ladies, I want to ask a thing..

“If your man betrayed and cheated on you by sleeping with someone else, which do you think will hurt you more.. He was sleeping with another woman? Or the fact that he was sleeping with a man?!”

Btw, Ken, you can also answer this question, just switch the gender, ahahaha :p

Michelle said that she would be hurted more if he was sleeping with another woman because if he was with a man, it’s more about him than her, or.. something like that lah, ahahaha 🙂

As for me.. hmm..

I guess I’d be more hurt when he was sleeping with man!


Well.. I don’t think one can drastically change his sexual preference overnight!

So that means..

All the time we’ve been together, he probably was trying to deny it all by being with me.

That would certainly make my world collapsing.

All those loves and lifes I shared with him, all the things I was once thought and felt so very real, turned out to be a lie?