Maybe because I clicked on the wrong button, so I stumbled upon Reth’s old notes : Doubutsu-Uranai, meaning?

How would I know, ahahaha :p

If you want to know your result as well, just go to the below link and put in your birthday and click, then you’ll get your result 😀

And here’s my result :

You are Green Pegasus, who tends to give an impression of being proud and difficult person to get to know.

Okayy.. maybe they don’t have any PINK Pegasus, ahahaha.. but green is okay, I kinda like that colour lately, it’s calming 🙂

Proud? Reallyyy? But yess.. I’m a difficult person to get to know, ahahaha, I sometimes still having a difficulty in understanding myself you if you’re having any troubles in understanding me, no need to worry, you’re NOt alone, babee, ahahaha :p

But you can be really friendly and affectionate to those people you trust.

Ohohoho.. don’t we all like this? 😉

You are quick minded and can act audaciously.

Translation, pleasee.. what is audaciously? Quick-minded? Not all the times, ahahaha, sometimes my mind just went blank when my emotions take over :p

You are a person who would follow ideals with passion.

Hohoho.. reallyy?

You possess sensitivity and flashes.

Sensitivity? Maybe yess.. maybe nooo!! What are flashes?

You can make calm calculation and come up with objective theory.

Ahahaha.. most people say that I’m subjective, especially on things I don’t like since the very beginning :p

You are also tactful negotiator.

Hohohoho.. not proven yet :p

You can be rather strong headed, but really, you are naturally a good person and natured.

See? There’s nothing wrong on being stubborn sometimes, ahahaha :p

You can flirt to attract men to you.


You are woman of both brains and beauty.


You enjoy the process of creating things.

Yes.. it’s truee!! 😉

You will concentrate hard and will put great effort while tackling it, but once finished you can easily lose interest.

Ohhh I see.. that is why I get bored easily **

You hand over your accomplishments to others, and then start creating new one again.

It’s soo boring having to make the same things twice, ahahaha :p

Although you can be argumentative, you dislike complicated matters.

How very trueee!!

Therefore you tend to dispose a matter easily.

Hehehe.. is it a good thing or not? :p

You dislike ordinary things, and will end up doing things that surprise people.

I depend on my impulsiveness, ahahaha, that’s my drives in doing things, otherwise, I’m too lazyy..

*hmm.. this makes me remember about Onit’s post on Phlegmatism*

You will not turn out an ordinary housewife.

Hohohoho.. my future husband, be prepared!! ^o^

You should stay working in an environment where you can enjoy your freedom.

Sooo trueeeeeeee!!

Your down-to-earth type of character attracts lots of men.

No comment :p

But because you have high ideals, you tend to lose the opportunity, and get passed the marriage age.

Ahahahaha.. ahahahaha.. let me have my laughs first, ahahahahahahaha..

Well.. I don’t mind waiting for Mr. “Right” to come along other than having to spend the rest of my life with Mr. “Wrong”, yaikssssss..

Soo.. how’s your result? Will you share it with me? ^o^