When I was blogwalking to my new friend’s page couple of days ago, she was talking about kites, apparantly it’s the kites season now in her place.

Hmm.. It’s been a while since the last time I see them in the sky.

The problem of living in a big city is children nowadays seem to spend more time with their electronic gadgets other than playing freely under the sun.


This kites thing brought back memories of my childhood.

Well.. I couldn’t fly them back then and I don’t think I can now, ahahaha :p

But my brother could so usually he was the one who flew the kites up high in the sky and then I asked him whether I could play it or not.

Isn’t it amazing to see those flying kites?

They are soo high up in the sky, but with the string we hold in our hands, we can still control their directions.

These kites got me thinking.

You know there are times when you need to let loose the strings and let your kite just flies away freely following the wind anywhere it blows.


There are also times when we need to pull back the strings when you see that it goes away to the wrong directions.

Isn’t this kite reminds you of life itself?

There are time in our lifes when we need to just go with the flow, when we need to let go of things.

But some other times, we need to pull ourselves together and lead them to the destination we want to get by.

What we need to learn is..

When it’s time to let go and when it’s time to stand strong with what we believe in cause oftentimes we mixed up those two and made things even more complicated then what it should be, ahahahaha :p



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The good thing about having a new blog is..

You feel this kind of excitement when you look at the stats page and notice that there is a new guest reading your blog, even though only one and they might not even leave you any comments, ahahaha :p

Having soo many blogs at WordPress under one username, I sometimes get confused when I leave a comment on someone’s blog, the information will lead them to my which blog(s)? Ahahahaha πŸ˜€

Anywayy.. as I was blogwalking earlier tonight, I found a challange to leave 1.000 comments a month, yupp.. you got it right, one thousand!


If I’m not mistaken you can look here for more info at http://iamharriet.blogspot.com/

One thousand comments per month?

Well.. challanging but I guess I’ll pass it, ahahaha..

Reading one thousands postings a month is tiring, I don’t want to leave a comment just to meet the target without really reading what the person writes on their blogs.

Pluss.. since mostly they blog in English, my limited vocabs will be a barrier, too, wakakakakak :p

And in my blogwalking earlier, I also find an interesting blog, here’s the address : http://texarkanawriters.wordpress.com/

Come and read the above blog, I think the idea is great, to make a local community of writers, because the more people read and comment on our posts, in a way they help us improving our writings, either in the grammar or the content of the posts itself ^o^

And you might get inspired about the Benjamin Franklin post πŸ˜€

Okee dokee.. gotta run now.

I don’t know whether it’s because too much sleep or lack of sleep but I’m kinda dizzy right now.

Enjoy your day or night everyone.

I see you again when I see youu, ahahahaha ^o^