Have you ever missed someone who lives miles away from you?

How does it feel like?

Miss him/her so much that it hurts?

Hmm.. Don’t know how much it hurts but I think it hurts more when you can’t reach out someone who’s only an arm away.

It’s about the heart, if two hearts are connected, they can cut down the distances and make the long miles much shorter.

While on the other hand, no matter how close you are physically, if your hearts aren’t connected, you might feel alienated one another.

Like what happened the other day..

I didn’t feel a thing when I heard you cried.

I didn’t feel touched by your tears.

I didn’t feel like I wanted to hold and comfort you that everything was gonna be alright.

I’m tired..

I’m tired of getting involved in everyone’s battle.

I have my own unfinished battle to fight.


I hate myself for not feeling a thing when I heard those cries.

I hate myself for not wanting to hold you.

Let me get back to sleep now cause there I can finally have my peace.

There I won’t hurt anyone and no one can hurt me.

So, let me have more sleep to recharge my energy before I get back to this so called reality world..