My Mom was watching “All About Eve” over and over again the last couple of days.

I don’t know how many times she had watched this series but she just seems can’t get enough of it, ahahaha ^o^

Have you even watched it?

It’s Korean drama series, if you haven’t seen it, go find this drama and watch it, one of the best drama series I’ve ever seen!!

I’m not going to tell you about the storyline of this drama, you can easily find it by browsing the internet.

I’m just gonna tell you why I love this series so much (even though *eheemm* I’ve never seen the whole episodes, ahahaha :p).

There was this antagonist girl, Yin Mei (in Mandarin version ’cause my VCD was dubbed into Mandarin) who’s so envious with the protagonist girl, Sia Mei.

So envy so that she couldn’t be happy what she already got because Sia Mei always seemed to have more than she did.

So envy so that she sacrificed her own happiness just to take away all the things Sia Mei had.

So envy that blinded her heart of what was truly important for her.


Yin Mei was so very jealous of Sia Mei that she didn’t realized that she had got everything, even more than she had ever dreamed of : love, good carrer, a loyal boyfriend.. until it was too late.

Yin Mei was one of the antagonist that I couldn’t really hate, but pitied.

She resembled the devil within us.

I always believe that there’s always goodness and badness in each person’s heart, yes.. there’s an angelical side and devilish one in our heart and it’s up to us which side we want to feed the most to grow bigger.

How oftentimes we feel like we want more, so much more from what we’ve already got because we’re too focused on what others have so we forget to take time to realize the worth of what we already have.

It’s nothing wrong with wanting more.

But I do think you should ask yourself what’s your motivation behind it?

Who are you competing with? Your own old self? Or someone else?

Life’s too short to be wasted in the neverending competition to get more and more without having the time to actually enjoy what you’ve achieved.

My favourite episode was when Yin Mei lost her loved one and iced-cool expression finally broke down when she watched the proposal her boyfriend left her in the video.

A proposal that she saw wayy too late.

That’s so touchy.

I guess it’s in episode 19.

Haiyaa.. The 19th episode can’t be played *sigh*

Well.. happy watching 😀