I’m no good in drawing anything with figures, ahahaha..

But I came to realize, instead of self-pitying all the time, better just did what I could.

There were these times when I was quite into cross-stitching but apparantly, me and needles plus threads weren’t belong together, wakakakakak..

So instead of making the image on the medium I supposed to, I decided to use computer, ahahaha..

And it turned out quite nice.

I loved it!

Here are some of ’em ^o^

Btw, these pictures (except the last one) should’ve been animated, hmm.. looks like this notes don’t allow any animated pictures, eh?

God’s precious
street musicians
children of the world

Okay the last picture, I made this on my own and I’m quite pleased with the result, ahahaha, I like it, it’s one of my favourite 😀

I made this in black and white, after that I scanned it and coloured it using hmm.. Photoshop if I’m not mistaken, it turned out nice, real nice, ahahaha, I love the combination of the colours.

*yaa.. sesekali muji hasil karya sendiri ngga apa2 toh? :p*