I was browsing through my computer files and found some pictures that I will show you below..
finding some space to draw :p
Oohh oohh.. don’t look at me that way, ahahaha :p I know that Virgorians mostly are well-known as organized people who likes put things in order and are tidy, but well.. there’s always a minor kind in everything, right? Ahahahaha.. let’s just say that tidiness isn’t my kind of thing :p

Looking at the date on the picture, it was around 2007 so it has been almost 2 years since the last time I drew, aaiihhh..

This is the negative side on being such a moody person, huhuhu..

Since most likely I couldn’t do anything when I’m not in the mood to do those things :p

Though oftentimes I do realize that sometimes by doing it, the mood and inspiration will naturally come, well.. sometimes, ahahaha..

Like that sayy.. first cut is the deepest, uppss.. wrong line, I mean, first step is the hardest, hehehe :p

Anywayy.. I found 2 other pictures, hehehe.. duhhh.. feel kinda ashamed to show them to youu but anywayy.. since it was loong past gone, so be it ^o^

stamps design
dki 480’s celebrations 😀

Ahahaha.. I knoww.. I knowww..

I sometimes question myself as well, what was I thinking back then?! :p

Oh yeaahh.. I forgot, I haven’t mentioned the “story” behind those two last pictures, hehehe 😀

So you see.. back then, guess around 2007, I found this advertisement about design competitions, one was about logo and another one was a design for stamp.

I’m an impulsive person, at that time I felt the drive to draw and so I drew and I sent, hihihi.. without really thinking about any concepts or the requirements or what-so-ever needed :p

The point is.. I did what I liked and I liked what I did and I’d like to give myself a chance to be in a competition, hehe.. though come to think of it, I may not be a qualified person, wakakakakakk..

But then again, like I said earlier, the important thing for me is : I did what I like and I like what I did, hehehe.. so what if they didn’t like what I drew? So what if they thought my drawings are childish and maybe an elementary student (with talent, of course :p) could draw much better drawings than what I did?

Ah yes, I shouldn’t have applied so that they would have one lesser picture to judge, ahahaha :p

Anywayy.. I didn’t regret it at all ^o^

And noww..

I’m waiting for my moods to come back cause I miss drawingss, huhuhu..

Okee dokee.. have a lovely Wednesdayy 😀