Pretty woman, walking down the street..
Pretty woman, the kind I’d like to meet..

Well, whether you have seen it or not, whether you like the storyline or not, I guess we all are familiar by this movie, Pretty Woman, starring by Julia Roberts and Richard Gere.

A moment ago, I suddenly remembered about a scene of this movie, a scene that I think we need to pay attention to because it’s crucial about life in general.

No, it’s not about the bathtub scene, hahaha :p

Do you remember Richard Gere’s lawyer who insisted him to sell a building in smaller parts?

Okayy.. I admit that I don’t remember the name of the characters in that movie, ahahaha 😀

Back again to the scene..

If I remembered correctly, Richard Gere bought a building owned by an old man and he intended to tore down the big building and sell it in small ones?

Until Vivian (aahh.. hoorayy I remember Julia’s character :p) made him realized something that he almost forgot.

Richard then said to his lawyer..

You know what.. I used to love making buildings when I was a kid.. but now as I grow up, why did I tear them apart?!

And then he cancelled his plans which made the lawyer get angry.

Oh well..

More or less that was the scene.

And I think the moral of the story of that scene is soo good!!

How many times in our life we did something that we actually didn’t want but we didn’t realize that we were doing it because of someone else?!

I’ve come to realize over and over again lately..

Make your OWN definitions of things that are important the most to you, such as : happiness, success, about life itself, happy marriage, etc.


Cause we should be the one who knows ourselves more than anyone else.

We’re the one who knows our own values in life.

This doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t listen to others.

Well.. we still have to listen to what others have to say cause oftentimes we might miss something if we only see things from our own point of views.


That doesn’t mean that we should just swallow it down everything that others say to us.

We must have our own filters and only let in the things that we agree on and what isn’t against what we believe in life.

After all..

On Judgement Day later on, we will only be responsible for our own doings, so we must prepare that whatever things we do on Earth, our rightdoings and wrongdoings are made by conscious decision.

Cause heyy.. we can’t make an excuse someone force us to do something :p

And they will not stand by your side either then, huehehehe..

Ahh.. what a great movie ^o^

See.. I’ve told you this scene has a crucial point about life, ahaha..

Or again, I made the wrong conclusions? :p