I always love happy endings in the movies I watch or the books I read.

Love it so much that it bugs me when the ending isn’t a happy one :p

Heyy.. I’ve spent this much time to read and watch just to meet a sad end?! *grr.com*

Although I don’t like sad ending, I dislike uncertain ending even more, wakakakak :p

My friend says that I’m being unrealistic with my love of happy endings cause life itself doesn’t always have a happy end and in the journey of our lifes, it’s impossible to only meet pleasant things.

She also says that being too caught up with these fictional ‘dramas’ will make you even sadder when it’s time to go back in your reality life which isn’t as beautiful as the movies or the books.

Well, I have my own reasons.

I’m aware that life is always about ups and downs, happy and sad, good and bad, and other pairs of contradiction things.

And I do think sometimes we need to experience the negative side of life to be able to appreciate the good things in life.

Otherwise we might start taking things for granted.

How do we know that we should be grateful of being healthy if we never got sick?

Oh okayy.. out of focus, ahahaha :p

Maybe because life itself has a “sad” part, that’s why I prefer to watch movies that can entertain me and make me forget about my problems for a while, ahahaha..

And maybe because I react differently than what my friend says, I still prefer a happy ending movie.

According to my friend, don’t spend too much time watching happy ending movies because you can have a hard time getting back to reality after being pampered by somekind of fairytales.

But as for me..

Well.. that fairytales kind of things are actually the ones that keeps me hopeful.

How so?

Because those movies are made by humans and they can create such a storyline with beautiful ending.

If men can do that, how come we don’t trust our Creator?!

I remember one beautiful quote that I found a while back then..

Hans Christian Anderson : “Every person’s life is a fairytale written by God’s fingers.

Isn’t it beautiful?

Each of our lifes is indeed a fairytale, our stories stories might be different one another but with God as the author of our lifestory, we can be sure that it’s the best script ^o^

Btw, like I said in my comment below..

Even though I like happy ending, I got to say that mostly movies with sad ending is more memorable.

As for drama series, the “sad” ending usually goes to Japanese dorama.

Korean series are good at playing with your emotions throughout the stories but.. I don’t know..

They kinda have an uncertain ending, not sad but.. not happy either, wakakakakak..

How about you?

Which kind of ending do you prefer? And why?