Once upon a time there was a family of three, a mother and two daughters.

The oldest daughter was plain whileas the youngest one was beautiful.

And the mother loved the youngest daughter more than she loved her oldest one.

One fateful day, the youngest daughter died and her mother was heart-broken, so very heart-broken that she cried out loud and wondered why ooh why the one who died was her youngest daughter and not the oldest one, for she loved her youngest so dearly.

The oldest daughter heard what her mother said, she got hurt and started to hate her mother until the day that her mother died.

The oldest daughter suffered from skin diseases and although she had tried so many different treatments but still she wasn’t cured.

Until one day she came to her preacher and asked him to pray for her.

The preacher asked what happened in her life and after hearing her story, the preacher silently asked the oldest daughter whether any hates towards someone.

The oldest daughter fell in silence before admitted that she hated her own mother.

The preacher told the oldest daughter to release her hatred from the heart and to start forgiving her mother.

It wasn’t easy for the oldest daughter to forgive her mother for what she heard that day but slowly she tried to and surprisingly when she learned to forgive her mother, she fell that her disease slowly getting better.

It turned out that all these times when she carried on her anger, hate and hurt towards her mother, all her negative emotions just ate her up inside.

If any of you are in the similar situation as the oldest daughter, you’ve been suffering some kind of disease and after going to many doctors but still you haven’t cured yet..

Come stop to think a moment and reflect about your life.

Have you forgiven someone today for whatever things she or he did that had hurted you so badly in the past?


Maybe because our heart isn’t designed to hate but to love that when we keep all the hatred inside, the body just couldn’t handle it