My brother always says that I’ve spent too much time thinking of unnecessary things, hahaha :p

But what can I say?

I love wondering about things, anything and nothing in particular.

And sometimes the questions just popped in my head that made me searching various kind of answers and sometimes I think I’m quite satisfied with the searching process itself and not too thrilled in finding the ‘exact’ answer(s) to my question(s) ^o^

Back to the title of this post..

If you could find out when is your time to die, would you like to know about it?

As always there are bright and dark side about anything, like the moon & the sun, day & night, etc.

The bright side of knowing is we can (finally) manage to use our time wisely cause you know, when we feel like our time on Earth is limitless, most likely we will carelessly waste it, until it’s too late and we can’t turn it back.

The dark side of this knowing is..

Well.. if you cannot manage yourself, there’s a big chance that you’ll get shattered because come on.. once you’re dead, you’re no longer living, ahahaha..

You might spend the rest of your life on Earth just thinking about the death and start living in fear especially when the due date is near, oohh noo!


After giving it some considerations..

If I asked myself the same question then I’d choose..

Noo.. I’d rather not know when is my time to die.

Because I don’t think I’m that optimistic to still be able to see the world and appreciate its beauty once I know that I only get less time and it’s not enough to make my dreams come true, huehehehe..

And probably I will be pain in the ass for my family, wakakakakak..

Yes.. don’t know why but I think I’ll turn into sour and worse person if I knew when I was going to die :p

Soo.. it’s better like now, not knowing when my “time” is up for the unknown might spare a little room for hopes to grow đŸ™‚

How about you?

If you could know, then would you?