What’s your favourite colour?

Mine is PINK, yeaaahh ^o^

How can I not love this gorgeous soft colour?

And pink represents everything that I’m not (at least I don’t feel like one :p) : sweet, girly and adorable 😀

I guess my subconscious mind holds this kind of hope that by liking this colour, I’d become like my own perception of this colour, wakakakak :p

But somehow pink just never fits in me perfectly 🙂

And recently I’ve just realized other colour that’s more suitable to my personality, a colour I always like but never paid too much attention to, partly because this colour is somehow assosiated with widow, don’t know whether this also applies in other countries as well or just in my country, haha :p

Yupp.. It’s purple ^o^

Purple is the combination of red and blue.

While pink usually refers to girly as blue to boyish, purple stands in between and it strucks me because I always love something in between!

I maybe dreamy but I always keep my feet on the ground, I may let my body get drown but I always keep my head above water.

I’m not an extremist and I might never be one for I love balance.

Sure once in a while I step to the left and I step to the right but never too far in the left or too far in the right for I love being in the middle where I can still hear both sides.

*hohoho, this colour’s interpretation is getting more interesting, yihaa*