Have you ever met someone with crispy unfunny jokes? :p

My reaction usually depends on my mood, ahahahaha..

When my mood is high and nothing seems to be bothered me, I can laugh about it, not because suddenly it becomes funny :p

But more because somehow I know, the other person is just trying to make a conversation, the only problem is we have different definition of funny :p

Nice try though and we must give some credits on the efforts, ahahaha 😀

On the other hand, when my mood is down and low, oh pleasee.. Can’t handle your jokes since it’s getting personal!

And there no space’s left in head to think about your probably good intentions, ahahaha :p

Isn’t it interesting how the same crispy unfunny jokes can cause two totally different reactions? ^o^

So, the conclusion is : blame the mood!

Wakakakak :p

*it’s always fun to jump into conclusion without too much thinking*