Oh myy.. consistency is really NOT my thing.

I’ve joined NaBloPoMo in hope that I finally be able to learn about consistency in daily writing, but I failed.. again!

I don’t know..

I guess when the “fun” part of writing freely has turned into some kind of “obligation”, suddenly I lost all the enthusiasm and just couldn’t figure out what I wanted to write in my blog there, ahahaha :p

Although.. come to think of it, I still write (almost) daily anyway, here in FB’s notes, ohh okayy okayy.. most of ’em are on “-t.b.c-” mode, ahahaha.. but still.. at least I write something anywayy ^o^

Oohh, geezz.. why is it that I can’t be consistent at least for once?!

I even break my own rules, ahahaha.. I don’t know, for me rules are like imprisoned me, I don’t like it.

I guess this might be because I’m moody and my moodiness sometimes makes me can’t stand to stick on one thing only for too long, especially when there are lots of rules to follow, aiihh.. so much for boundaries!