August 2009

Ada saat dalam hidup gua di mana gua ngerasa seperti sedang hidup di padang pasir.

Tau donk padang pasir, gurun, atau apapun namanya lah.

Itu tuh yang di mana2 sepanjang mata memandang, yang bisa diliat cuman hamparan pasir aja.


Jangan ditanya!

Walau katanya sih kalo malam hari dingiin bener.

Tapi gua mo fokus ke panasnya aja :p

Hidup di padang pasir yang disirami teriknya panas mentari yang menyengat bangets tanpa adanya pohon rindang untuk tempat berteduh, otomatis pasti bikin tenggorokan cepet bener haus, airr aiirrr.. di manakah dirimuu?

Keinginan untuk memuaskan rasa dahaga yang seringkali membuat mata serasa melihat sumber mata air di kejauhan yang ketika dihampiri ternyata hanya fatamorgana belaka.

Gua ngga akan membahas padang gurun yang sebenernya, karena as you know, gua males nyari2 info, wakakakak..

Soo.. I’m gonna stick with my own kind of desert, yang mana tiap di kala malam sekalipun, hembusan anginnya membawa hawa panas yang bikin gerah.

Ketika berada di padang pasir ini, yang paling gua nantikan adalah turunnya hujan, namun seberapa seringnya gua menarikan tarian hujan, sang hujan enggan menyapa, awan mendung hanya sekedar melintas dan bersemayam sementara untuk kemudian kembali berlalu tanpa meneteskan air sedikitpun.

Hingga suatu hari.

Tanpa terduga.

Hujan yang dinantikan itu pun turun.

Tapi lagi2 sang hujan hanya datang menggoda, karena dia tau gua amat merindukan dirinya, akhirnya dia memutuskan untuk singgah, hanya sejenak, sekedar menyapa dan menurunkan setetes air saja di tengah padang pasir yang gua miliki.

Setetes hujan di tengah padang pasir.

Can you imagine that?


Kadang2 gua mikir yaa.. emang what we are inside itu tercermin keluar yaa..

Btw, kadang kalo gua bilang gua mikir, belon tentu artinya bener2 gua pikirin seeh, ahahaha, cuman suka terlintas aja kepingan2 informasi yang pada akhirnya mengumpul menjadi satu gambaran yang yaahh lumayan utuh sehingga bisa langsung dibuat kesimpulan 😀

Inget khan kalo gua suka menyimpulkan *tanpa merasa perlu mengumpulkan fakta :p*

Back again..

Judul postingan kali ini terinspirasi dari tetangga sebelah rumah gua.

Rumah itu udah dikosongkan sekitar 1 tahunan githu dhe karena pemilik sebelonnya yang udah jadi tetangga selama belasan tahun, pindah ke rumahnya yang lain di daerah Permata Hijau, berhubung belon laku2 jadilah tuh rumah dikosongkan, ngga benar2 kosong sih karena masih ada yang jagain, tapii dia cuman di wilayah garasi ama dapur aja karena ruang utamanya sepertinya misah githu dhe.

Beberapa bulan laluu.. akhirnya rumah itu pun dibeli, ama tetangga masih wilayah sekitar rumah gua, nih rumah sebelah dibeli buat anaknya yang belon lama married, pengantin baru githu dhe ceritanya.

Tapii.. rumahnya ngga langsung ditinggalin karenaa mereka melakukan perombakan besar2an ‘boo!

Mungkin kerangka rumahnya sih tetap kali yee tapi segala macam marmer, kayu, dllsb, dibongkar semua yang kata mandornya bisa makan waktu sekitar setahun buat renovasi.

Eehh.. jadi nyeritain rumah tetangga, ahahaha :p



.. in a totally different way!!

I’ve realized about this for quite some time cause the more I get to know this person, the more I think we’re similar one to another.

So similar that sometimes I wonder.. could this be real?

But.. apart of our similarities related to quite same background, we responded in a totally different ways!!

This person has such a great fighting spirit on the right direction.

Everytime someone says that this person can’t do it, this person will do all this person might to prove them wrong, I guess in a way this is what this person do to get accepted, huehehe.. remember, I always jump into conclusion so I can only predict I don’t know for sure what’s inside this person’s mind and heart 🙂

Whileas me, on the other hand, oh well.. sadly to say, I don’t think I have that kind of fighting spirit, wakakakak..

But come to think of it.. maybe I have it within me but I’m using it to another direction, so instead of proving them wrong, I tried hard.. to prove them right.. so they would stop bugging me and just leave me alone!

Turned out that we both failed and not getting the kind of results that we both wanted to have.


Have you ever heard this quote?

The way you see the world reflects your inner world

Okayy.. more or less that’s the quote, ahahaha, I don’t remember the full-detailed so I use my own words, hopefully I didn’t mislead the meaning, ahahaha :p


I know this quote a loooong time ago but guess that the words hadn’t really sunk in my soul until recently I finally understand the meaning, or at least I think I understand, wakakakakak :p

It was when I was blogwalking to my friend’s blog and read 2 comments there that immediately made this quote popped in my head after reading those two comments ^o^

Have you ever cried when watching a movie?

Or reading a novel?

Or seeing something on TV?

Or perhaps by hearing other people’s stories or experience it yourself?

Have you ever wondered what pushed your buttons?

Why do we cry when we cry?

What are our tears for?

And why do we laugh when something’s funny?

Why did we might cry for different things for different reasons?

What are the things that important to you?

What do you seek in this world?

What do you want to have?

Have you ever wondered about any of those?

Well.. I have, ahahaha..

Maybe this is the kind of thing that my brother used to say that I think too much on unnecessary things :p

But, reallyy..

Can’t help it.

I like questioning and I like wondering.

Finding the answers to my questions is only an additional joy cause I already get it just by questioning and wondering :p

So many times I asked myself to stop questioning and stop wondering ’cause many people think it’s useless, only a waste of time and if I didn’t quit right away, I’ll have a hard time separating between my wonder world and reality..

Well, I’ve tried but looks like I just couldn’t do that, ahahaha..

But I know for sure what I can do ^o^

Which is.. I can stop bothering them with my questions :p


This is a song by Pink and the lyric is taken from :


Conversations with my thirteen year old self
Conversations with my thirteen year old self

You’re angry
I know this
The world couldn’t care less
You’re lonely
I feel this
And you wish you were the best
No teachers
Or guidance
And you always walk alone
You’re crying
At night when
Nobody else is home

Come over here and let me hold your hand and hug you darling
I promise you that it won’t always feel this bad
There are so many things I want to say to you
You’re the girl I used to be
You little heartbroken thirteen year old me

You’re laughing
But you’re hiding
God I know that trick too well
You forget
That I’ve been you
And now I’m just the shell
I promise
I love you and
Everything will work out fine
Don’t try to
Grow up yet
Oh just give it some time

The pain you feel is real you’re not asleep but it’s a nightmare
But you can wake up anytime
Oh don’t lose your passion or the fighter that’s inside of you

You’re the girl I used to be
The pissed off complicated thirteen year old me

Conversations with my thirteen year old self
Conversations with my thirteen year old self


Angelicious has a new hobby in Pet Society, it’s none other than.. fishing!!

Ahahaha.. yes yes, she loves it very much, especially when she gets the fish she has always wanted!!

But any other fishes just fine to add to her collections ^o^

Among all those fishes that she has successfully caught from the pond, there are some fishes that are memorable to her.

So far, Angelicious’ fave fish is Strawberry fish!! It’s soo cute!! The shape and the colour are just perfect!! And it’s one of the hardest fish she ever caught!! She spent more than 20 strawberries to get that one but oohh.. the joy she felt when her bait finally caught the Strawberry Fish, you should see her broad triumphant smile!!

Whoaa.. I think Angelicious will get mad at me since seems like I forgot to take her picture while catching that Strawberry Fish!! Oohh nooo.. *let me search again*

Fiuuhh.. luckily I did take a picture of her with that Strawberry Fish, ahahaha ^o^

Oohh oohh.. I wish you were more in style when you caught that fish, Angelicious :p

Another fish that was so hard to get was SeaHorse, oh myy.. Angelicious spent more than 30 carrots to get that one!! But in the end it was all worth it 😀

And Apple Fish also hard to get, but finally she got one after fishing for a while ^o^

The easy ones to get are : Watermelon Fish, Puppy Dog, Chocolate Heart Fish, Pink Donut Fish, Coconut Fish, Orange Fish, mm.. what else? Let me think..

Oh well, couldn’t remember, ahahaha :p

The hard ones to get are : Lemon Fish, Strawberry Fish, Apple Fish, SeaHorse.

The middle fishes : Cupcake Fish, Banana Fish, Sheep Fish.

Soo.. here’s the list of fishes that Angelicious likes..

Strawberry Fish, Cupcake Fish, Squid, Jellyfish, Clown Fish, Angel (something) Fish, Schoolbanner Fish, hmm.. guess that’s all 😀

She just can’t wait to finally catch that piranha and chocolate donut fish, oohh ohhh.. let it be her lucky day for the baits aren’t cheapp!! :p

Soo.. how’s your fishing story? ^o^

-Indah & Angelicious-

(oh yes, she can talk, at least in my mind, wakakakakakaakk :p)

Strawberry Fish, ain’t she a beauty?! ^o^

I found soo many interesting quotes while I was browsing Goodreads earlier today, here are some that are not so common to me but I like what it says ^o^

Enjoyy 😀


“Women are like teabags, you never know how strong they are until they are put in hot water”
– Eleanor Roosevelt

=> I like this one and I guess oftentimes women indeed are stronger than men even though they like to pretend that they are weak in order not to hurt men’s egos, wakakakakak :p


“I believe the nicest and sweetest days are not those on which anything very splendid or wonderful or exciting happens, but just those that bring simple little pleasures, following one another softly, like pearls slipping off a string.”
— L.M. Montgomery

=> I lovee “Anne of Green Gables” but I probably have bored you with this information, ahahaha, so I have no comment on this quote :p


“Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect.”
— Mark Twain

=> Hohohoho.. I love this one!! And it reminds me of another quote that I like which more or less is like this : “Sometimes majority only means that all the fools are on the same side”, wakakakakak.. isn’t that something?! :p


“It is not a lack of love, but a lack of friendship that makes unhappy marriages.”
— Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche

=> Not yet married so I have no experience on this one but I find this interesting, and maybe those of you who are married and feel unhappy with your marriages, can share what you think of this quote?



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