I’ve been thinking about doing eyes surgery lately.

You know, isn’t wonderful to have a beautiful eyes, one you can admire when you’re looking at the mirror.

And ohhh.. those beautiful loooong eyelashes.. gosshh.. would be great to have those!

Besides the current eyes really don’t look good with glasses, too small *sigh*

Oohh.. btw..

This notes is about Angelicious, my female pet in Pet Society, wakakakakak :p

Angelicious’ eyes are soo small.. only like a dot for each eye.

And these kind of eyes aren’t good for wearing masks or glasses, looks funny on her đŸ™‚

Soo.. I’ve been thinking haaarrrdddd to take her to the Stylish and “operate” her eyes to big green eyes with long eyelashes, myy goodness.. she might look beautiful with those new eyes.

But somehow..

There’s a part of me who doesn’t approve that.

I know I know.. she’s only a pet, a virtual pet to be exact.

And besides, after I get bored with her new big green eyes, I can always take her to the Stylish again to get her original eyes.


I know that even though after that she will look the same, she’s not the same pet anymore..

At least not in my eyes ’cause I always know that I’ve changed her.

‘Cause I’ve rejected her before.. her with her small eyes, the eyes that I chose from the beginning, the look that I loved and I still love until now..

But I forced her to the Stylish to have eyes surgery just to make her look good with those masks, masks that Angelicious probably won’t wear for long since I’m easily bored :p

Soo.. Angeliciouss..

Don’t worryy.. I won’t take you to the Stylish to have that eyes surgeryy..

I know how hard it is to feel accepted and be loved for the way you are so I will try to accept you the way you are ’cause you are beautiful in my eyes.

Although.. the tempations will always there, especially anytime I look at any other pets with those sparkling big eyes.. I will leave it at there.

‘Cause you’re special to me, Angelicious, I’ve chosen you piece by piece and I love how those pieces turned into the full you ^o^

isn’t she still look gorgeous with her small eyes? :p