.. why after having one plastic surgery, you seem like you can’t stop having another and it becomes an obsession..

It’s about self-acceptance.

I do believe none of us was born with the condition of hating ourselves.

We might have that seed within us, but we also have the seed to love ourselves.

And even though you might not like the way you are right now..

When you’re alone with yourself only..

When you spend time to get in touch with your innerself..

There’s always a part of you who still loves yourself, maybe that part just like a seed, it’s still small now and needs more time to grow into one big solid tree who can stand still through the storm.

Oftentimes I do feel that as hard as it is to fully accept ourselves the way we are, I think most of the times the other persons around us are the ones who “reject” us as we are.

Maybe they’re not doing it intendedly.

And maybe their intentions are good.

But the way they deliver the message hurt us inside and made us feel rejected.

On the other hand..

Sometimes with all people’s around supporting us and loving us, we might still have some difficulties with self-acceptance cause oftentimes the way we see ourselves are different with the way others see us.

When our self-image has been broken and distorted, it’s hard to feel good about oneself.

But it’s equally hard when we try the self-acceptance thing and everyone around us seem to think that we’re no good.

I know.. I knoww..

Sometimes we must learn to cover our ears and just let all the talkings pass us through like the wind.

But we’re not deaf.. there are some words that we can still hear and what we hear might hurt us.

I’m still learning about this self-acceptance, for me it’s not as easy as it sounds.

When I’m all by myself, I feel okay about me.

But when I step outside of my solitary world..

I don’t know..

I actually don’t mind much if they don’t accept me but it makes me kinda losing my ground when I feel like they force me to see that it’s not okay being the way that I am now.


At the back of my mind.. I know that they mean no harm to me and I know that their intentions are good, they just want the best for me.

But can’t help feeling ‘rejected’.

And I guess it’s true that most of the times we’re soo insensitive to the ones around us.

We’re too busy taking care of the other people’s feelings, ones that aren’t even in our close connections whileas for the close connections we don’t filter what we say anymore, the words just blurt out there without giving too much thinking that those words might heart the other person.

Eheemm.. okayy..

I’m off topic again, wakakakakak ^o^

It feels so good to write here and there going in circles with no beginning and no connections 😀


Stay to focus, Indahh..

Talking about plastic surgery, I always remember about this topic I was once watched at the Oprah Show.

This girl (couldn’t remember her name) has been taking plastic surgery for about 26 times and she’s not even 30 at that time!


And even though she already had troubles in breathing since her nostrils are too small, still.. she went to another surgery! Her nose hole (hahaha, I don’t know the exact word to describe that :p) is soo small that even a cottonbud couldn’t get through!

Can you imagine that?

And seeing her in that episode..

I realized something..

Don’t make your first attempt in that plastic surgery!

‘Cause once you’ve done it, it’s never enough and you’ll go doing some more “repairs” to your body.

And this is like a neverending circle.

Let’s take this as an example.

You don’t like your nose so you go to have plastic surgery.

After having it done, you don’t like the result so you might go back there again to get your nose back to its usual shape.

But the results ain’t as good as before.

You start hating yourself for even taking yourself to have that surgery.

Okayy.. that’s the failure case.

How about if you had a successful one?

Ohh believe me.. once you succeed in fixing part of your face or body, you will be more critical about your looks and suddenly each part that you don’t have problems with all these times, now they seem like not in appropriate shapes!

Soo.. you start having another one after make a promise to yourself that this will be the last time to have one but of course as you might as well realize it now..

It’s easy to break a promise with yourself :p

Maybe it’s better to find out the answer why you’d like to have that surgery ’cause this is an internal issue that cannot be fixed by changing in outer looks.

The extreme changes in your outer looks will only make you feel further apart with your innerself.

It’s still you inside but when you’re looking at the mirror, you might not recognize the person who’s staring back at you 🙂


Nb. Kayanya ngga nyambung, wakakakakak..