Couple of days ago, I stumbled upon a group here on fb. This group is for any ‘haters’ for this one particular someone who’s suddenly-become-a-celeb, a local one.

I’m not gonna talk about that celeb, but I’m really concern after reading what’s written there.

There are lots of cursings there, some were even wishing that celeb to go to hell, etc.

I’m wondering what has happened to us?

What made us become a society full of anger?

Sure it’s sickening when everytime you switch your tv’s channels, you can only watch infotainment (blown up) news about this celeb.

But you can always switch it off and find some other activities to do, such as reading, playing games, watching dvds, surf the net or (finally) spend some quality time with your family & friends, or get in touch with our innerself, etc.

Am I too ignorant by not caring whether this celeb has deceived public by boasting false statements (or not)?

Cause honestly, I don’t care whether it’s true or not for it has nothing to do with my life.