I have a new addiction lately, yupp..

It’s BuddyPoke!!

For those of you who haven’t known about this application, you can go to :


You can create your own character there and after that you can pick any activities to do either alone or with one of your friends ^o^

My first character is this :

hula hoop dance with silke

I’m so in love with this character, I think she’s cute and I love everything about her that makes me promise don’t want to change anything about her, ahahaha..

But that doesn’t last long since I’m tempted to change and explore what else can I make from this.

Here goes the 2nd one :

dancing in open air with Astrid

And my 3rd :

forget the name of this activity with Jijen

And my 4th :

love this umbrella dancing with Liz ^o^

And my 5th :

flower bouquet for Lala 😀

And my 6th :

with Mei

And my 7th :

another umbrella dance session, this time with Yen ^o^

And my 8th :

dancing with Gratcia

The 8th didn’t last long since I don’t really like the hairstyle so I changed immediately into the 9th :

posing :p

And finally my recent one :

newest style with Liz 😀

Ahaha.. I don’t think it has changed that much since I only play with the same colours :p

I don’t know.. so many times I tried to keep it simple and play with less colours as possible but I get bored while doing the colour mix and match ^o^

Do you think this character we make relate to our ownselves?

I guess it does has a connection, ahahaha..

It reflects ourselves in a way we might never realize before :p

But.. it’s your call to interprete the meanings, ahahaha..

Changes sometimes are good.. yes, you might get a worse result than before but only by changing you give yourself an opportunity to get a better one ^o^

Soo.. are you ready to play?! 😉