Well.. the first site I open when I turn on my connection is Facebook :p

But don’t know why, since morning, I couldn’t open it.

I might understand if the unopened page is the application page since Pet Society is often in maintenance mode :p

But I couldn’t get through the “home” page.

I kept refresh the page from time to time with no result whileas the other pages were accessible, weird, ehh?


Since felt like something was missing without FB (I knoww.. there must be something’s wrong here, I’m aware of my addictions on FB might relate to some more serious problems in my life, ahahaha), I decided to close all the windows and cut off the connection and start again.

And voilaa..

It works!!

And now here I am :p

This got me thinkinggg..

Isn’t life sometimes similar to that?!

We got stuck in something for a looong time with seemed like there was no solution at all for our current situation?

Maybee.. just maybee..

Instead of keep hitting the wall hoping that one day it might break down so that you can continue your journey.. we’d better turn around to find any other ways to reach our destination.

Cause you know, the famous sayings, there are many ways to Rome!

*why do they use Rome anyway? Why not Jakarta?! Ahahaha :p*

Okayy.. in the spirit of nationalism, let’s rephrase that..

There are many ways to Jakartaa ^o^

The point is..

To get to our destination, the path we are at now isn’t the only path that leads us to our destination.

But oftentimes I guess we think that it’s the only way.


It’s good once in a while we take time to sit down and relax our mind a bit to think of any other options we can take before being in a no way out situation for a very looong time can make us turn into frustrations, yaikss..

Oh, see?

Facebook can make us learn something?!


So now, let me get back to the manyy applications :p

Happy Thursdayy ^o^

Weekend is coming nearer, olee!! 😀