After my last notes “Purple ohh Purple” I think that I might have some other interpretations on any other colours, ahahaha..

Some might be my own personal opinions but can’t help but being influenced by the common perceptions :p

Okayy.. here we go..

Pink = sweet, soft, loving, fragile

Purple = strong, in between, not easily driven by others

Red = brave (heyy.. can’t help it, that was what I’vd been told since I was a kid, wakakakakk :p), daring

Blue = mellow (maybe because you know, when I’m feeling bluee.. that means you’re sad, right? :p), go with the flow

Green = calm, peaceful

White = pure (again, that was I’d been told since kid :p), simple, caring

Black = mysterious, gloomy

Brown = not my favourite colour (what kind of definition is this?! wakakakak :p), colour of the Earth so maybe.. down to Earth 😀

Yellow = cheerful, happy go lucky

Orange = full of life

Grey = not like being in the center of attention,, unnoticed

Hmm.. what other colours left?