When I wrote a post about “Chocolate” (on Multiply) and “Colour Interpretations” (here on Facebook), I said that I didn’t like brown but at those times, I didn’t know for what reasons.

Until last night when I read the updates in my “home” page in Facebook, one of the updates (of Buddypoke) from my friend cleared out the fog in my head and I finally understood why I didn’t like brown, wakakakakak ^o^

I guess oftentimes whether we realize it or not, we always have an impression on most of everything :p

And this brown-thing to me is related to seasons.

I guess unconsciously (or is it subsconsiously? I still don’t quite understand the different between those two :p), I have this picture in my head about the 4 seasons.

Spring = pink, blossoms, beauty

Summer = yellow, cheerful, shiny

Autumn = brown, gloomy

Winter = white, cuddly

See.. I associate “Autumn” with “brown” (and gloomy :p) so I guess this is why I don’t like brown that much.

Because Autumn is the time when most of the leaves on trees will fall down to the Earth.

It’s a time of letting go and I always have troubles in letting go, no matter how messy and hurtful it is, still there’s always a part of me who wants to hold on and hang on :p


I really don’t believe in random anymore, wakakakak..

And I do believe there’s always a reason behind our likes and dislikes but oftentimes we have to be patient in finding the connection 🙂

Hmm hmm.. one curiousity’s solved.. can’t wait for another to come, ahahaha 😀