I got this one from Liz..

Hmm.. this is gonna be tough, not because I have so many favourite movies but more because I like so many but don’t know if those impressed me so much to be my favourites, ahahaha ^o^

But okayy.. here we goo..


Rules: Don’t take too long to think about it. Jot down fifteen movies you’ve seen that will always stick with you. First fifteen you can recall in no more than fifteen minutes.

Tag fifteen friends, including me because I’m interested in seeing what movies my friends choose. (To do this, go to your Notes tab on your profile page, paste rules in a new note, cast your fifteen picks, and tag people in the note — upper right hand side.) I hope you participate, even if you didn’t get tagged!

Okay, these are mine, trying to do them accordingly in alphabetical order but failed miserably ^^; …

1. While You Were Sleeping => Lovee this one soo much even though at that time I didn’t really like Sandra Bullock, ahahaha.. but the casts, the Christmas season, and the fairytale-like storyline with a bit sense of reality ending, just perfect for mee, uhuyy ^o^

2. Lord of The Rings 2 : The Two Towers => Legolas rulesss!! Oh geezz.. he’s soo handsome here and soo elfish like, ahahaha.. I even like Legolas more than I like Orlando Bloom :p

3. X-Men 2 => The best of the trilogy!!

4. Spiderman 2 => This one is also the best of the trilogy by far ^o^

5. Harry Potter 3 : Prisoner of Azkaban (?) => I like this one so much, the director can capture the beauty of Hogwarts surroundings and spoiled us with beautiful scenery 😉

6. Fun With Dick & Jane => hmm.. hopefully I get the title right, ahaha, this is Jim Carrey’s movie :p I like this one even though sometimes Jim Carrey acted too much (as always :p) but this movie got me thinking.. if you’re in his position, from having (almost) everything and your life is turned upside down to have nothing.. can you fight the evil within and still be a good honourable person?! 🙂

7. The Divine Secrets of Ya-Ya Sisterhood => again.. I’m not sure whether this is the correct title or not, wakakakakak :p What I like about this movie is the friendship between 4 young girls that stand still through their golden ages, WOW!!

8. Heart Is => A Korean movie about a dog that I guess is inspired by “Marley & Me” (this movie was loong before the Jennifer Aniston version) because at the end of the movie there was a cover of this book ;p And I cried soo much while watching this, soo heart-breaking *sigh*

9. Green Mile => okay okayy.. I admit that I’m not good in remembering movie’s title, wakakakak :p This one is by Tom Hanks, I don’t really fancy him but I love this movie!! It’s great!! Give something to think about even after you’re finished watching it although.. errrmm.. I don’t quite remember what I should be thinking about any further from that message, wakakakakk ^o^

10. Moulin Rouge => oohh myy.. Ewan is soo cutee!! I hope I get it right that it was Ewan McGregor instead of Ethan Hawk, wakakakakak, somehow I always mixed up between those two :p Ewan and Nicole look great together and I lovee the elephant!!

11. My Best Friend’s Wedding => Ooohh oohh.. I lovee Julia Roberts and this one is my favourite movie of hers ^o^ I love how she laughs out loud, ahahaha :p And I guess why I like this movie is because it’s kinda a reminder to appreciate what you have while it’s still in your hand instead of realizing its worth when it’s already been slipping away from your hand :p

12. 50 First Dates => Isn’t it sweet how you can fall in love with the same person each and everyday? 😉

13. Enchanted => One of the best musical movie, ahaha, I even watched this twice on theatres :p And I love the ending since the Prince Charming isn’t that charming compared to the real man, wakakakakak.. But I love how Prince Charming can take his loss elegantly ^o^

14. Center Stage => What I like about this movie is not only the dancing parts are great but also this one gets a strong storyline with such characters, what a combination and a truly enjoyable movie to watch, yihaa ^o^

15. Bedazzled => oohh oohh.. I want to see this movie again but where did I keep it?! *sigh* It’s a great gReat movie indeed ^o^ The message I got from the movie is : no matter how seemingly perfect your plan is, there’s always a tiny bit of hole that will make you stumble into an evil’s trap, ahahahaa :p

There you have them ^__^ … will be waiting to see your lists ^o^

Pheww.. I finally finish this one off :p

*I’ve just realized that you only needed to make a list and no need to give any explanations of why you like those movies, wakakakakak :p Oh well.. I’d love to hear your reasons cause I think each of us has different reason though we might like the same movies ^o^*

Oohh.. let me add my 16, I just remember that movie, ahahaha :p

16. Up!! => Oh my, this movie at least gives me 2 messages, ahaha 😀 First one is : your dreams and things that you wanted might change from time to time but that doesn’t mean that you can’t find happiness. Second one is : get trapped in the memory of yesterdays might make you forget of the joy of todays ^o^

Okay okayy.. I’m done now :p