Angelicious has a new hobby in Pet Society, it’s none other than.. fishing!!

Ahahaha.. yes yes, she loves it very much, especially when she gets the fish she has always wanted!!

But any other fishes just fine to add to her collections ^o^

Among all those fishes that she has successfully caught from the pond, there are some fishes that are memorable to her.

So far, Angelicious’ fave fish is Strawberry fish!! It’s soo cute!! The shape and the colour are just perfect!! And it’s one of the hardest fish she ever caught!! She spent more than 20 strawberries to get that one but oohh.. the joy she felt when her bait finally caught the Strawberry Fish, you should see her broad triumphant smile!!

Whoaa.. I think Angelicious will get mad at me since seems like I forgot to take her picture while catching that Strawberry Fish!! Oohh nooo.. *let me search again*

Fiuuhh.. luckily I did take a picture of her with that Strawberry Fish, ahahaha ^o^

Oohh oohh.. I wish you were more in style when you caught that fish, Angelicious :p

Another fish that was so hard to get was SeaHorse, oh myy.. Angelicious spent more than 30 carrots to get that one!! But in the end it was all worth it 😀

And Apple Fish also hard to get, but finally she got one after fishing for a while ^o^

The easy ones to get are : Watermelon Fish, Puppy Dog, Chocolate Heart Fish, Pink Donut Fish, Coconut Fish, Orange Fish, mm.. what else? Let me think..

Oh well, couldn’t remember, ahahaha :p

The hard ones to get are : Lemon Fish, Strawberry Fish, Apple Fish, SeaHorse.

The middle fishes : Cupcake Fish, Banana Fish, Sheep Fish.

Soo.. here’s the list of fishes that Angelicious likes..

Strawberry Fish, Cupcake Fish, Squid, Jellyfish, Clown Fish, Angel (something) Fish, Schoolbanner Fish, hmm.. guess that’s all 😀

She just can’t wait to finally catch that piranha and chocolate donut fish, oohh ohhh.. let it be her lucky day for the baits aren’t cheapp!! :p

Soo.. how’s your fishing story? ^o^

-Indah & Angelicious-

(oh yes, she can talk, at least in my mind, wakakakakakaakk :p)

Strawberry Fish, ain’t she a beauty?! ^o^

Clown Fish, like the one in “Finding Nemo”!!
Cupcake Fish, yummyy :q
Blue Ram, I guess :p
Golden Butterfly Fish
Aww.. how cute!!
Hohohoho.. gorgeous!! ^o^
School banner fish?