Have you ever heard this quote?

The way you see the world reflects your inner world

Okayy.. more or less that’s the quote, ahahaha, I don’t remember the full-detailed so I use my own words, hopefully I didn’t mislead the meaning, ahahaha :p


I know this quote a loooong time ago but guess that the words hadn’t really sunk in my soul until recently I finally understand the meaning, or at least I think I understand, wakakakakak :p

It was when I was blogwalking to my friend’s blog and read 2 comments there that immediately made this quote popped in my head after reading those two comments ^o^

Have you ever cried when watching a movie?

Or reading a novel?

Or seeing something on TV?

Or perhaps by hearing other people’s stories or experience it yourself?

Have you ever wondered what pushed your buttons?

Why do we cry when we cry?

What are our tears for?

And why do we laugh when something’s funny?

Why did we might cry for different things for different reasons?

What are the things that important to you?

What do you seek in this world?

What do you want to have?

Have you ever wondered about any of those?

Well.. I have, ahahaha..

Maybe this is the kind of thing that my brother used to say that I think too much on unnecessary things :p

But, reallyy..

Can’t help it.

I like questioning and I like wondering.

Finding the answers to my questions is only an additional joy cause I already get it just by questioning and wondering :p

So many times I asked myself to stop questioning and stop wondering ’cause many people think it’s useless, only a waste of time and if I didn’t quit right away, I’ll have a hard time separating between my wonder world and reality..

Well, I’ve tried but looks like I just couldn’t do that, ahahaha..

But I know for sure what I can do ^o^

Which is.. I can stop bothering them with my questions :p

I always think, just as long as I don’t bother others with what I like, why should they bother me on doing things that I like, no matter how useless and wasting time it seems like (for them)?

I’m happy in doing so, and I guess it all that matters to me, for now, ahahaha ^o^

Anywayy.. as always, I lost my point again :p

Back to the blogwalking thing.

There were some pictures within the post.

I saw all of them.

But reading those 2 comments made me seeing those pictures again.

Well, guess that I saw what I saw but didn’t pay too much attention on the details, ahahaha..

What does the thing that catch your attention the most when you’re looking at a picture of people?

I think what catches your attention the most reflects the things that are important to you.

For me it’s the smiles on people’s faces.

I like seeing smiling faces.

No matter what battle you’re having in your heart, when you can still smile, it might brighten up someone else’s day ^o^

It’s not about faking what you feel inside.

But I do think there’s no need to spread all your sorrows willingly to the world.

Some people might care but most of them won’t :p

Am I that pessimistic? Ahahaha..

Just being realistic, I guess, cause living on Earth is not the same with living in a fantasy world where you can make up all those people’s reactions according to how you want them to feel towards you, right? 🙂

And why do I love seeing smiling faces?

I guess it relates to happiness ^o^

I know.. I knoww.. smiles don’t equal to happiness, ahahaha..

But that’s the kind of perception I get in my head :p

And yes, I guess.. that’s my search in life : happiness!

It’s what matters the most to me among other things I might also value in life.

Am I not happy now so that I make “happiness” as my destination?

Hmm.. that’s a simple question but hard for me to answer, wakakakak :p

What is happiness anyway?

I haven’t made my own definition of happiness yet so I can’t say whether I’m happy or not since I don’t have a standard to measure it 😀

Oh, please, Indaaaahhh.. you make simple things more complicated than it is!

Am I?

I do believe we should make our own definition on happiness and shouldn’t live by others’ standards of happiness.


Because we are different!

Even generally common and accepted acknowledgment of happiness doesn’t always have to be ours as well.

What matters to others might not matter that much to us, and vise versa.

And it’s not wrong since we might value different things in our life.

That’s what I try to put in my head right now, ahahaha..

SO many times I feel like I know what can make me happy but I always go the other way which keeps me getting further to my “happiness” because sometimes loneliness gets in the way when I’m alone.

Which also leads me to another mission to accomplish : alone but not lonely! Ahahaha..

And how to feel that way?

It’s only by making peace with myself cause we’re one package which will only be separated by death so I have to make myself my best companion in this journey of life.

I guess one of the thing that makes people hang on in an unhealthy relationship is because sometimes loneliness is soo unbearable that it’s better to be with someone who’s eating you up inside than being with yourself only :p

I can’t say for other people for I don’t know what they have been going through in their lifes but that’s my conclusion based on what I see from around me, well.. you know how I like jump into conclusions without gathering much facts, right, ahahaha.. can’t help it as well 😀

That’s why I’ve learned that I shouldn’t just swallow down others opinions without filtering first what they say ’cause once I let those words in, they might stay longer than I expect them to be, and what if what they say ain’t right?!


What’s the important thing for you? ^o^


Nb. Makin lama gua ngerasa kalo gua itu makin nyolot yee, wakakakakak :p