.. in a totally different way!!

I’ve realized about this for quite some time cause the more I get to know this person, the more I think we’re similar one to another.

So similar that sometimes I wonder.. could this be real?

But.. apart of our similarities related to quite same background, we responded in a totally different ways!!

This person has such a great fighting spirit on the right direction.

Everytime someone says that this person can’t do it, this person will do all this person might to prove them wrong, I guess in a way this is what this person do to get accepted, huehehe.. remember, I always jump into conclusion so I can only predict I don’t know for sure what’s inside this person’s mind and heart 🙂

Whileas me, on the other hand, oh well.. sadly to say, I don’t think I have that kind of fighting spirit, wakakakak..

But come to think of it.. maybe I have it within me but I’m using it to another direction, so instead of proving them wrong, I tried hard.. to prove them right.. so they would stop bugging me and just leave me alone!

Turned out that we both failed and not getting the kind of results that we both wanted to have.

Well, as for the case of this person’s I guess this person has been accepted by others but.. somehow I feel like this person is the one who rejects this person’s self.

While in my case..

Guess what.. I’ve proven they are right but now they bug me even more for making them right!! Grrr..

Oohh oohh.. I guess I didn’t prove them right but I prove that the opposite of them are right, wakakakak..

Now I’m confused.

Okay, let’s take an example.

When someone says that I look better with longer hair.

I guess my mind’s processing it as : I look worse with my short hair.

Soo.. instead of keeping my hair long.. I cut it :p

And they are right.. I look better in longer hair ^o^

Maybe this is what my brother once told me that I was a self-destructive kind of person?

Whileas the other person when people say that this person won’t look good in short hair, this person will try hard to look good in short hair to prove them wrong!!

I’ve realized it now that I can’t go on like this for this will only destruct myself and it’s not fair for me if I continue this way for I’m the one to blame for sabotaging my own happiness.

But oh geezzz.. it’s soo hard to change the way you’re thinking!!


What do you think we have in common here?

I think we’re both so busy with other people that we forget to ask ourselves.. is this what we really want?

I mean.. is hair that important to us so that we spend much time on it instead of spending time to do what we really want?


Indaaaaahhh.. stay away from FB for a while to think about this more over!!

But oh oohh.. the sweet temptations.. will I fall again this time?!